Products & Applications

  • Construction & Safety

    Construction & Safety

    Naite Plastics provides various of fence solutions for construction-site safety, snow management, public-event crowd control,building safety net. Normally as safety fence , warning barrier , snow fence, Building Scaffold Safety Net ad so on.

  • Home & Garden DIY

    Home & Garden DIY

    Naite Plastics supplies a wide range of garden netting solution for your garden and your pets, like garden fence , garden netting , trellis netting,insect screen, deer fence ,pond netting,Fruit Cage netting, Anti-mole netting, Green house netting and so on.

  • Agriculture & Aquaculture

    Agriculture & Aquaculture

    For your farms, NAITE supplies Farm fence which can be used as the boarder fence or animal protection, the tree and crop protective neeting for your vegetables, plants , vineyard, it can protect them from the birds , insects and other animals. Also we provide Plant support net, windbreak fence .The Oyster mesh is popular for the aquaculture.

  • Industry & Reinforcement

    Industry & Reinforcement

    This kind of netting are widly used in Industry like filteration industry , carpet cushion industry ,bedding industry. It includes filtration netting, carpet cushion netting, protective netting for your filters and hardwares, bedding support netting and so on, providing the support and reinforement for other material.

  • Package & Protection

    Package & Protection

    Naite Plastics can provide a wide range of package net and protective netting,like fruit and vegetables package net bag ,Protective sleeves for mentals, bottles and cylinders.Also there is pallet netting, tree guard and gutter guard,widely used for protection.

  • Enviroment & Erosion control

    Enviroment & Erosion control

    As a new added solution , Naite provides grass protection netting ,grass reinfocement netting for the car park and grass maintenacne. The Erosion control blanket netting as a main product , it is widely used in the erosion control ,with our netting ,it greatly protected the enviroment and prevent the soil lose.

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